Air Quality Management

Air pollution poses one of the biggest environmental and health threats in the world today. Its negative effect on an ever-growing number of people is forcing authorities to try to balance urban and economic growth while protecting citizens from the residual pollutants.
Our Air Quality Management solution helps authorities rehabilitate the air quality in their cities with an integrated, customized approach that is based on our breakthrough technologies. In addition to reducing pollution levels, it eliminates bacteria, fungi, viruses and any other pathogen, including COVID-19.

The air cleaning process we offer starts with the deployment of a dense sensor network that helps analyzing the air quality of the city. The resulting Dynamic City’s Pollution Map Model provides authorities with full visibility of the environmental conditions of the city.

A custom-designed solution to improve the air quality is then developed utilizing our tried and tested technologies. As a result, the air in the city, and citizen’s exposure to pollution is drastically reduced.

Our air cleaning technologies can be deployed across the city, in both indoor and outdoor environments, with a seamless integration to the existing urban infrastructure.
Smartmatic has partnered with innovative companies to create cost-efficient yet effective solutions. Our extensive experience in conducting complex mission critical projects enable us to deliver our innovative technology on time, on scope and without any major disruption.