New South Wales: Better voter ID technology key to smooth 2023 vote

Smartmatic's solution enhanced the experience for poll workers and voters

As part of its continuous efforts to improve voting processes, the New South Wales Electoral Commission (NSWEC) tasked Smartmatic with boosting the accuracy, efficiency and security of the voter information system for the 2023 legislative elections.

Smartmatic’s solution helped the NSWEC conduct one of its most successful elections, enhancing the experience of poll workers and voters alike.


Smartmatic provided 7,210 voting center devices and support to 93 election management offices across New South Wales. The software of the Voter Verification Unit (VIU) and backend system were the centerpiece of the solution, delivering game-changing features that allowed poll workers to improve the speed and accuracy of voter information searches conducted at polling centers.

Additionally, the solution offered top-notch data security, longer device battery life, and the added benefit of scalability for future requirements.


Smartmatic deployed a team of experts to provide support services to the NSWEC, which included:

  • Device configuration
  • Warehousing
  • Training and production of the manuals and videos used
  • Help Desk for second level support
  • Information security
  • Independent audit support
  • Dashboard providing relevant real-time information
  • Support for 93 Election Management offices across NSW


Faster Voter Throughput

Our system allowed poll workers to perform complex searches to obtain voter information, such as phonetic searches and searches using wildcards, much faster than previously possible. This reduced queues at voting stations and improved voter satisfaction.

Longer Device Runtime

Voting center device battery runtime was markedly improved to more than 10 hours.

More Secure

With electoral data encrypted and digitally signed, the new devices were far more trustworthy than the older devices that election authorities had been using.


Solution is future-proofed and fully scalable, giving NSWEC peace of mind knowing that they will not have to make additional investments anytime soon.

Smartmatic’s successful partnership with the New South Wales Electoral Commission for the 2023 legislative elections put to the fore the company’s commitment to delivering innovative technology solutions that make a positive impact on the lives of election officials and voters. With a proven track record and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Smartmatic showed its dedication to helping its clients achieve their goals and deliver fair and secure elections.