Zambia’s voter register, 2010: Scope

Smartmatic provided Zambia with a complete voter registration solution. That meant equipping each registration station with data capture devices, identity management software and a power generation kit.

This landlocked Southern African country benefited from Smartmatic’s technology and experience to create a new biometric voter’s list for the Presidential Elections of 2011. Creating a reliable voter list is often an important first step to better elections, whether they’re manual or automated. Biometric authentication ensures the ‘one voter/one vote’ principle and eliminates voter fraud.

The challenge is to reach everyone. So we designed Zambia’s registration kits to work in the harshest conditions and in the most remote locations. The inclusion of a power generation kit guaranteed that the registration process could be performed even in places with no electricity, without risking the equipment and the data. Each power generation kit was comprised of a battery, inverter and charger.

Each registration kit included:
- Computer (either laptop or desktop)
- Signature pad
- Scanner
- Camera
- Fingerprint scanner
- Printer
- Power generation kit

All the registration kits were stored in a central warehouse run by the Electoral Commission of Zambia and Smartmatic. Before deployment, we carefully tested every device to make sure it worked. Then we distributed the equipment, taking care to protect it during journeys across Zambia’s challenging terrain.