Venezuela’s presidential election, 2012: Technology

The presidential election of 7 October included the following new elements:

VIU-100 voter identification unit

Eliminates the possibility of identity theft and guarantees the "one voter, one vote" principle.

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VP-1500 e-ballot

Our electronic voting pad, featuring the following innovations:

  • Total Sense™ technology, which guarantees voter intent is captured perfectly - and not a single invalid vote
  • Voters can now press anywhere on the box of their selected candidate. And the boxes are bigger to make voting easier for visually-impaired and senior voters
  • A green LED light turns on once an option has been selected, confirming to the voter that his or her choice has been recorded

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Our latest touch screen voting machine has several features that allowed Venezuela to hold its most transparent, secure and accessible elections ever.

In addition to meeting and exceeding the latest standards in digital security and data encryption, the SAES-4300 offers secure and flexible transmission and features a built-in printer (for audits and precinct count) and a specially-designed peripheral module for visually-impaired voters.

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