Venezuela’s presidential election, 2012: Services

  • Project management.
  • Execution of engineering and end-to-end tests, voting simulation and the actual election.
  • Selection, hiring and training of the following field personnel:
  • Voting machine operators, support technicians, information station operators, contingency transmission center operators, tallying technicians, inventory operators, special operators and national support center operators), personnel from the National Support Center (CNS), Regional Attention Centers (CAR), regional coordinators and pre- and post-election audit personnel.
  • Setting up and distributing over 59,700 voting machines for the following events: training of the operators, information sessions for voters, engineering tests, simulations and the actual election.
  • Operation of the National Support Center.
  • Furnishing and remodeling of the spaces for the Rapid Response Centers
  • Operation of the Rapid Response Centers.
  • Supply of materials for the voting machines and other required .materials/equipment.
  • Supply and distribution of batteries as backup energy sources.
  • Installation of Contingency Transmission Centers.
  • Printing of manuals and protocols for the field personnel.
  • Control and follow-up of operation indicators.