Venezuela’s 2015 parliamentary elections: Technology



Voting machines series 4000 (SAES-4000, SAES-4200 y SAES-4300). Our 4000 series comprise advanced touch screen voting machines that guarantee transparent and efficient elections. Discover more about how it’s already given millions a 100% secure, accurate and auditable way to vote.


Device to biometrically authenticate voters, suppressing identity theft and ensuring the one person = one vote principle.

E-ballot VP-1500

Our touch-sensitive voting pad to capture voters’ intent perfectly, guaranteeing 100% accuracy while registering the voter’s choice.



Election-360 is a platform that monitors the performance of key electoral processes, supports the resolution of incidents in real time and provides live interaction with field personnel in case of any incident.


Smartmatic’s Election Management System (EMS) is an application that automatically generates all the tools needed to prepare and conduct an election, from candidates' nominations, to voter registration and ballot design.


REIS is a powerful software application that receives, validates and tallies voting data, then publishes fully accurate and transparent election results, allowing authorities to proclaim a winner within minutes of polls closing.