Venezuela’s 2015 parliamentary elections: Scope

  • 40,601 voting machines and equal numbers of biometric authentication devices and electronic ballots, distributed throughout 14,515 polling centres.
  • 4,577 contingency machines in case replacements are needed.
  • 94,792 system operators to perform tasks such as system configuration, priming and tech support.
  • The voter register comprises 19,496,365 voters, who elected 164 deputies by federal entity (113 by name and 51 by list), as well as 3 indigenous representatives, also nominally elected, for a total of 167 deputies.
  • The states with the largest number of voters and polling centres were: Zulia, with 1,355 centres; Miranda, 1,125 centres; Lara, with 1,051 centres and Distrito Capital (the Capital District) with 891 centres.