Venezuela’s 2010 parliamentary elections: Services

In addition to creating and deploying the hardware and software for this 100% automated election, we also provided a range of important services to ensure that it was transparent, efficient and successful:

  • Election project management to define specific goals, coordinate thousands of variables, tasks, people and suppliers effectively and efficiency – and to guarantee the success of the project.
  • Hiring of approximately 18,566 employees, including voting machine operators, contingency transmission operators and tallying technicians
  • Selection, training and hiring of support technicians (2,990 nationwide), inventory operators (400 nationwide), Fast Response Center operators (501 nationwide) and National Central Support Center operators (229)
  • Set up of some 50,000 voting teams for each one of the events: training of operators, voter education, engineering tests, voting simulation and the election day itself
  • Supply of 36,603 12V DC batteries as power back-up
  • Printing of the ballots for the different events
  • Operation and logistics of the Regional Attention Centers (RAC).
  • Operation and logistics of the National Support Center (CNS)
  • Support control and management of personnel and equipment contingencies
  • Report of activities through specialized software (Election-360) provided by Smartmatic to the electoral organism in order to control the attendance of operators and technicians in charge of deploying the voting machines. The software allowed for real time monitoring of the installation, opening, closure, transmission and audit of the polling tables, as well as the support incidents during the day of the event.
  • Installation and removal of equipment in the polling centers
  • Preparation, installation and operation of contingency machines for the Contingency Transmission Centers