Venezuela’s 2007 constitutional reform referendum

This referendum was held to amend 69 articles of the 1999 constitution. It was defeated by just 51 to 49%.

Acceptance of these results, despite the tiny margin, was seen to validate the accuracy, credibility and transparency of Smartmatic’s voting technology.

During this referendum, it successfully tallied and transmitted the electoral data of more than 9 million voters.

Then, once the polling stations had closed, Venezuela’s electoral commission, the CNE (its Spanish acronym), along with the witnesses from both sides audited more than 54% of the ballot boxes.

“In one of the most narrow and critical elections ever held in our country, Venezuelans have peacefully accepted the tight margin differential victory of one of the contending blocks. At Smartmatic, we firmly believe this consensus would have never been reached without our reliable electoral solution.” – Antonio Mugica, Smartmatic’s CEO.