Venezuela’s 2004 regional election: Scope


  • 23,595 voting machines.
  • 12,500 power backup systems to cover the machines at a national level.
  • 450 PCs and high capacity servers with their licenses for operative systems, database and applications.
  • Personnel hiring, training and management.
  • Around 9,000 operators looking after the machines in every voting center.
  • About 2,000 supervisors across the country.
  • More than 1,000 support technicians in charge of the machines and of any technical contingency that might come up.
  • Some 400 tallying operators in each of the national, regional and municipal tallying centers.

The election

  • 1,600 alliance changes (resignations and substitution of candidates) made by the political parties few days before the elections Smartmatic’s electoral platform enabled voters to choose 609 representatives from 7,753 candidates without any technical difficulties.
  • 45 seconds was the average time per voter to cast the vote with the Smartmatic’s voting machine and the electronic ballot, including the 4 seconds that takes to print the voting receipt.