Venezuela’s 2004 regional election: How they voted

1) The voter pressed the oval(s) corresponding to the candidate(s) of his/her choice, on the electronic ballot, verifying on screen that his/her choice matched.

2) If the voter was not satisfied, he/she could correct it by pressing the wrong choice on the screen and the right choice on the ballot.

3) The voter then pressed the tick box ‘Vote’ on screen. If the selection was incomplete the voting machine emitted an alert to remind the voter to complete it. And if he/she didn’t do so, the non-selected votes were counted as ‘Null’ (conscious null vote).

4) The voting machine printed a voting voucher, which the voter verified, folded and placed in the ballot box.

Note: Some voting centers had more than one ballot for regional and district posts. The voters from these centers could make any combination to choose their candidates for these posts.