Venezuelan elections, 2004-2015: Technology

Voting machines series 4000 (SAES-4000, SAES-4200 y SAES-4300). Our 4000 series comprise advanced touchscreen voting machines that guarantee transparent and efficient elections. A built-in printer, which is used to create comprehensive paper audit trails, allowed this voting machine to help us achieve a world record: the first national election in which every single voter was able to verify that their vote was cast as intended.

Smartmatic 4000 series voting machine


This device allows authorities to biometrically authenticate voters, minimizing identity theft and helping enforce the one person = one vote principle.

Smartmatic's biometric voting device

E-ballot VP-1500

Our touch-sensitive voting pad to capture voters’ intent perfectly, guaranteeing 100% accuracy while registering the voter’s choice.

Smartmatic's electronic voting ballot