Utah: Republican Presidential caucus uses blockchain remote voting

The Republican Party of Utah selected Smartmatic to provide an online voting solution during the state’s Republican Presidential Caucus of March 22. This became the world’s first ever government election in which blockchain technology was used.

Smartmatic provided its proven online voting technology to allow registered Utah Republican Party members vote from anywhere in the world. Voters from over 45 countries, including places as far away as French Polynesia, South Africa and Japan, voiced their opinion.

Nearly 90% of voters registered to vote online participated in the caucus process, marking an extremely high turnout rate. Voters of all ages, from millennials right through to people in their 80s, chose to cast their vote online.

Participation was strongest amongst voters aged 56-65. After making their selections, online voting participants were asked to provide feedback on their experience: 

•    94% of respondents described the online voting experience as good.

•    97% would consider voting online in future elections.

•    82% wanted to see online voting implemented nationwide.