Uganda 2016 - present: Improving voter authentication - Technology

Biometric Voter Verification Kit (BVVK) – Smartmatic VIU-500

The VIU-500 is our all-in-one handheld device to facilitate ID management and polling station operation. In Uganda, itconstituted an essential part of the Biometric Voter Verification Kit (BVVK) deployed during the elections.

The BVVK integrates fingerprint, camera, barcode technology and online GSM connectivity. It is rugged, lightweight, easy to carry and independent. Its internal battery allows it to operate for at least 18 hours.

Thanks to its biometric capturing capabilities, this unit allowed poll workers to validate the identity of voters before they votes by comparing their fingerprint with the one stored in the system. By authenticating voters via biometrics, it deters identity-related election fraud.

Because it stored a wealth of information on the election process, it contributed in managing polling places. For example, it provided the correct voting address to voters that showed up at the wrong polling station.

Central System – Smartmatic Identity Management System (IDMS)

Smartmatic’s IDMS was used as the Central System to store and manage the biographic and biometric information of all registered voters.
This system, which synchronizes with the electoral comission's database, was used to perform quality control and integrity checks, and convert all the data into a format that can be used by the BVVK in polling centres to authenticate voters with maximum accuracy and speed.

The system generated customized reports on the quality of the registered fingerprints and distribution of voters.

This Central System can process the logs of all the BVVKs deployed in the field. Once the information was gathered it was converted into a readable format, allowing authorities to audit the process. 

Management and Control platform – Election-360

Election-360 is a platform we designed to manage all logistical operations in real time, from resource planning, dispatch of electoral materials and incident reporting to technical support.

In Uganda, Election-360 was key in providing technical support services and troubleshooting in the field during the elections at all levels.

By enhancing monitoring and tracking capabilities, it kept authorities informed and in control of the field operation (e.g. deployment of BVVKs).

For this particular project, Smartmatic partnered with Innovatrics, a Slovakia-based company specialized in biometrics. Their technology facilitated processes such as fingerprint comparison and quality control of the biometric data used in the election.