The Philippines 2016 General Election: Technology


During the general elections voters marked a paper ballot and then use the SAES-1800plus to digitize their choice.

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SAES-1800plus is our optical scanner designed to count voter-marked paper ballots. With our experience of over 1.5 billion votes processed using our vote counting machines, we guarantee maximum security and transparency, while delivering timely and accurate results.

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EMS. Smartmatic’s Election Management System (EMS) is an application that generates all the data needed to prepare and conduct an election, from candidates' nominations, to device configuration and ballot design.

In the Philippines, EMS helped configure all vote counting machines and the other elements of the automated platform used during the election (e.g. Consolidated Canvassing Centers).
Election-360. This application helped manage all logistic and operational processes.

Election-360 facilitates communications between operators and field personnel, offering a detailed, real-time vision of the vast number of events taking place during the deployment.

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Consolidation and Canvassing System (CCS). Smartmatic’s robust CCS makes automated tallying and monitoring of data received from a highly decentralized and hierarchical structure possible.

For the May 9 election, 1,739 CCS laptops were deployed across the country, along with 2 data centers for the centralization of the information and further dissemination to the political parties and other accredited bodies.

Online results. Using Smartmatic technology, election returns were securely transmitted from the VCMs to the Central Server, the City/Municipal Canvassing Server and the Transparency Server. Results were posted on the web in near real-time.

The Transparency Server provided media organizations and watchdogs with access to election data which they can publish for the general public to see.

Data Centres. As in the previous automated elections, both the Central Server used by Comelec and the Transparency server used by political parties and watchdogs to monitor the election were installed in highly-secure data centers supported by Smartmatic.