The Philippines 2010 general election: Scope

  • 82,200 SAES-1800 machines deployed. Each provided with a battery to guarantee continuous operation for 16 hours in case of blackouts.
  • 1,722 canvassing and consolidation servers and printers with their own power generators.
  • 338,750 paper rolls for printing 30 copies of election returns per precinct.
  • 180,640 compact flash memory cards for secure election data storage.
  • Secure 23,000m2 central warehousing and configuration facility.
  • Over 36,000 schools functioned as voting centers, surveyed with state-of-the-art equipment to determine network signals, power availability and other logistical factors.
  • Over 48,000 Smartmatic technicians recruited and trained to be deployed for on-site support before and during Election Day.
  • 690 call center agents were in a national support center during Election Day – to monitor the entire process and provide remote support to technicians in the field.
  • 904 testing and configuration line employees working two shifts.
  • 28 multinational experts in the project management team, working alongside 327 highly-qualified Filipino employees.
  • 4 high-speed digital printers delivered to COMELEC and NPO for ballot printing.
  • Design and printing of 50 million ballots with 17 thousand different layouts.
  • 9,380 liters of ink used during the voting process.
  • Over 10 million ballots with security marks with invisible ultraviolet marks and unique barcodes.
  • 65% of the voting centers had constant and reliable public mobile network coverage.
  • 5,500 mobile satellite antennas (BGAN) and 680 VSAT deployed nationwide to transmit results in the polling and canvassing centers.
  • 48,000 modems and 46,000 SIM cards secured for direct transmission of election returns.
  • Two data centers created to backup nationwide results with redundancy capabilities.
  • Results consolidated in a period no later than 48 hours after the election was closed.
  • COMELEC had a surplus of over 5,853 machines to deal with contingencies.