Sierra Leone 2017: Civil Registry and Voter Register - Technology

  • VIU-820. This portable, all-in-one device, allows authorities to register citizens wherever they are. VIU-820 incorporates tools to capture biometric and biographic information such as: camera, fingerprint reader and printer.
  • Solar Power Kit. Each registration kit was equipped with solar panels and external batteries to allow at least 12 hours of independent operation.
  • PARClient. This software component, used to run the entire identity management solution deployed in Sierra Leone, was used to allow the recording of biographic and biometric information, as well as authentication of individuals.
  • IDMS. Identification Management System, is the server application deployed in the NCRA Data Center to receive and consolidate the data gathered at the registration sites.
  • AFIS.  Automated Fingerprint Identification System for the fingerprints comparison.