Sierra Leone 2017: Civil Registry and Voter Register - Services

  • Configuration. Smartmatic configured all the elements of the registration system used during the project, from the VIU-800 to the solar panels and the Data Center. All the requirements of the client were taken into account to make the solution 100% in accordance with Sierra Leone’s needs. Smartmatic also configured 550 VIU-800 training kits which, after training had been completed, were re-configured as VIU-800 Registration kits.
  • Training. Smartmatic trained approximately 660 supervisors on the operation of the registration kit. These operators then trained the remaining 10,500 operators in charge of going to the field and registering citizens. In addition, Smartmatic trained technicians on kit operation, maintenance and repairs; and software engineers on the kit ancillary software, its development environment, architecture and source code.
  • Warehousing. Smartmatic refurbished the Wellington NEC offices and warehouse and prepared a 1,276 square meter production warehouse to configure and store the registration kits before mass registration began.
  • National Support Centre. Smartmatic configured a 150 square meter National Support Centre located in the capital Freetown with 22 Call Centre agents (trained by Smartmatic) using a cloud-based Trouble Ticketing System to support the NCRA/NEC during the mass registration exercise. The National Support Centre is now used for technical assistance and warranty services.
  • Technical assistance and Warranty. As part of its commitment to the success of the project, the satisfaction of the client, and future registration initiatives to be conducted in Sierra Leone, Smartmatic offered 6 months of technical assistance- starting the first day of mass registration- and warranty service and spare parts for one year.