Philippines: Second automated elections are successful

On 13 May, 2013, half way between its last Presidential elections in 2010 and its next in 2016, the Philippines held its midterm elections.

Once again, Smartmatic provided technology and services to make the process of electing over 18,000 officials more transparent, more accurate and more efficient, whilst delivering faster results.

This enormous country desperately needed a better way to vote – and to count votes. In a country where people used to have to wait weeks for election results, they can now find out within hours. Crucial when longer delays lead to greater election violence.

Our solution included over 82,000 voting machines. They were in fact the same machines that Comelec, the country’s electoral council, leased in 2010.

At the time, this election was the largest automated election ever taken by a private company. They worked so well, Comelec purchased them for this election.

Explore the infographic above and the links on the right to get a feel for the scale of the challenge – and how Smartmatic’s technology and service helped meet it head on.