London 2021: Delivering successful elections - Responsive to change

Preparations for the election were proceeding exactly according to plan when, in March 2020, it was announced that the elections scheduled for May would be postponed, provisionally, by a year due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19.

When the new date in 2021 was confirmed, fundamental changes were made to accommodate Covid-19 safety protocols. The counting process was extended from a one-day to a two-day count, social distancing measures were established at the count centres and training was moved online.

Working in partnership with technology provider Hamilton Rentals, three count centres in greater London (Alexandra Palace, Olympia and Excel) were kitted out with the scanners, computers and technical infrastructure required to process the many thousands of in-person and postal votes expected. 

Additional online training was delivered by CGI over a two-month period for the 1,000 borough council employees who had already been trained in-person prior to the elections being rescheduled.

From installing floor markings and one-way process flows, to ensuring the installation of plexiglass screens and peripherals within the three venues, CGI managed every aspect of the rescheduled election count to ensure the democratic process could continue, securely, efficiently and safely.