Lombardy 2017: Election Automation Facilitates Voting in Italy - Technology

Understanding that no two elections are equal, Smartmatic customizes its solutions to meet the specific requirements of each project that it conducts.

For the Lombardy referendum, Smartmatic provided tailored automated election system comprising the following:

Voting machine A4-210: Smartmatic supplied 24,700 of its A4-210 voting machines. The A4-210 was designed to facilitate a secure and convenient vote in simple elections (e.g. referenda).

The A4-210 provides voters with an intuitive voting experience, while giving poll workers a convenient experience that requires minimal training. Because it is compact, portable and self-contained, the A4-210 optimizes logistics and streamlines processes.

1,300 of these voting machines included an external printer to enable authorities to verify the integrity of the election by contrasting the printed copies of the votes and tally with the electronic count.

Election Management Platform (EMP): An intuitive platform designed to guide election administrators through the process of managing the election. For the referendum, the EMP comprised four main components: election configuration, results management, turnout management and results publication.

Election Configuration System (ECS): An application that generates all the data needed to prepare and conduct an election, from candidate nomination to voting machine configuration. In Lombardy, ECS helped configure all the voting machines and the other elements of the automated platform deployed in Lombardy.

  • Results Management System (RMS). Using Smartmatic technology, results were securely transmitted from the consolidation centers to the central database. RMS is equipped with stringent security mechanisms to guarantee the integrity of results.
  • Turnout Management System. Each municipality was able to monitor voter participation during the referendum.
  • Election Night Reporting (ENR).  Smartmatic recognizes that the timely delivery of accurate election results is key to the credibility of any modern democratic process. This is why results were posted on the web in near real-time, offering an optimal viewing experience across different devices.

Protecting the vote

Smartmatic’s election solutions combine multiple layers of security controls to guarantee the integrity of the election. These independent security controls include: encryption, security codes, digital signatures and asymmetrical keys, protected results consolidation and source code revisions. It is important to note that the voting machines will not be connected to any network including the Internet.