Curaçao’s 2007 insular council election: Scope

Curaçao’s Supreme Electoral Council, together with the political parties and competitors in the electoral process, validated 74,342 registered votes in these elections. There were no null votes, thanks to the technology.

The project included:

  • The entire technology platform, including 159 SAES-3000 voting machines distributed throughout 106 voting centers
  • All the services needed to carry out the election
  • 21 contingency machines in reserve
  • Deploying one tallying center
  • One data and results collection station, situated in the Electoral Council (Hoofdstembureau)
  • Results collection

Our voting machines can transmit data to the tallying center in several ways, such as via fixed phone line, wireless and satellite. However in this case, the Electoral Council asked we set up a data collection center to receive the hard copies of the ballots.

Audited by all

We worked together with the Electoral Council’s authorized personnel to guarantee a successful and reliable process, from the test preceding the election to the audits following it, validated by all participants of the democratic process. 

Quick voting. Fast results

The electors needed an average of less than 30 seconds to exercise their right to vote in an election where 278 candidates from 11 different parties were nominated for 21 seats in the Insular Council. After a first bulletin at 20:55 hours and certified result at 21:17 hours, the awarding process began.

High success rate

Of the voting machines used, 98.75% of them worked perfectly and collected the votes that all the parties involved in the electoral process accepted as definitive results. We always provide back-up machines in case of any technical difficulties, so voters were able to cast their ballot even in polling locations where equipment was not performing in top condition.