Chilean Citizens Empowered: Optimized citizen participation

The commune of Maipú was overwhelmingly satisfied with Smartmatic’s deployment of this project, the expertise of the project team and the technological solutions used, with Smartmatic ranking 100% in the satisfaction survey.

The advantages of voting online using our TIVI platform were its convenience and positive influence on citizen participation. Compared to Maipú’s manual elections in the past, the participation rate went up with 27%. TIVI brings the ballot to the voter therefore supporting the convenience-focused and increasingly remote lifestyles of citizens.

TIVI was developed by the Smartmatic-Cybernetica Centre for Excellence for Internet Voting. This solution is based on the Estonian online voting protocol and expertise, which is regarded as the most cutting-edge governmental online voting experience.

Making voting easier for citizens was also accomplished with the use of our SAES-3377 electronic voting machines, which have an extra-large touchscreen. The machines are extremely user-friendly; its graphic options made it accessible to those who could not read or write and the extensible control units for users in wheelchairs and headphones for the visually impaired made it very easy to navigate the ballot.

Additionally, Smartmatic provided transparency to both the leaders of the commune of Maipú, as well as to the citizens, by publishing real-time results on a web site.