Brazilian elections 2012, 2014 & 2016: Election support services

In 2012, TSE contracted the ESF Consortium’s (formed by Smartmatic, Engetec and Fixti) services to provide elections support and battery maintenance to the voting machines. 13.500 technicians were hired and trained to work across the 5,568 municipalities of Brazil with over 500,000 pieces of election equipment. The technicians performed the following services:

  • Keeping the internal and backup batteries of the voting machines charged
  • Cleaning, removing seals, functional testing, screening for corrective maintenance and preparation for storage of the machines
  • Testing of all electronic components of the voting machines
  • Perform the non-electoral period support.

The ESF Consortium (Smartmatic, Engetec and Fixti) was also in charge of receiving and transmitting media reports of the voting system.

As part of the staff overseeing the project, the consortium recruited 27 Regional Managers (one for each state and one specifically for the Capital), Human Resource Managers and Technical Coordinators.