Brazil's general elections 2014: Technology

For the Brazilian general election, Smartmatic deployed 1,464 BGAN devices to ensure transmission form remote areas that have scant or no infrastructure.

BGAN stands for Broadband Global Area Network. BGAN devices are portable satellite antennas that belong to a network incorporating three geostationary satellites, which provide almost absolute coverage worldwide.

Thanks to their small size, these satellite terminals can operate from the most remote locations, wherever the voters may be.

In the case of Brazil, our BGAN solution was the option selected by the election authorities to facilitate voting for all citizens, regardless of the remoteness of their locations. Transporting, installing and removing a traditional VSAT antenna in remote areas of the world’s fifth largest country would be difficult and costly. BGAN antennas offer great mobility, which translates in almost absolute network coverage worldwide. 

Inmarsat, the company that provides the satellite service that supports our BGAN terminals, employs rigorous authentication mechanisms for them. Their system meets the most stringent government requirements for safety and is compatible with all mainstream VPN products and encryption standards.

Having successfully offered these portable terminals for election processes in Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil and the Philippines, Smartmatic is today the main single owner of BGAN terminals and antennas worldwide.