Bolivia: Building a biometric voter registry in record time

In 2009, the Congress of Bolivia approved a new electoral law that mandated using biometric registration to increase security and protect voters’ rights.

In an ambitious plan, they wanted to register millions of voters in just three months.

NEC Argentina, a subsidiary of Japanese IT multinational, NEC, not only selected our proposed solution. They also partnered with us to help make it happen.

A clean, accurate and up-to-date electoral roll. Plus a new world record

We provided thousands of our mobile registration units, to capture citizens’ biometric data, such as fingerprints, digital photographs and signatures.

We surpassed the original target of 3.5 million people at home and 211,092 people abroad by 35%. And we did it in 75 days – a world record for speed of biometric registration.

People took an average of just three minutes to record all their biometric and biographic (name, address etc.).

And in its observation mission final report The Carter Center, noted “the biometric registration was conducted in a peaceful environment, characterised by high levels of citizen participation”.