Belgian elections 2012 – present: Custom voting solution for e-voting pioneer

Since 2012, Smartmatic has been Belgium’s exclusive poll office election technology provider. As such, it has deployed more than 31,500 voting devices across the Flanders and Brussels-Capital Regions, and in the German-speaking Community of Belgium.

Smartmatic technology has enabled a seamless election experience for voters and poll workers. It also allowed authorities to broadcast timely official results.

To make Belgian elections more inclusive and increase participation, the voting machines function in all three of the country’s official languages: Flemish, French and German. 

In 2018, new voting machines (A4-517) and president machines (VIU-805), both featuring innovative designs and user-friendly interfaces, were added to the country’s existing automated voting platform. In addition, polling stations in two Flemish municipalities —Aalst and Mechelen— activated and used Smartmatic’s assistive technology, which provides audio instruction to help voters with visual disabilities navigate the ballot and vote independently.

Since 2012, Smartmatic has participated in 12 council and parliamentary elections:

  • 2012 Provincial Councils
  • 2012 Municipal Councils
  • 2012 City District Councils
  • 2014 Regional Parliaments
  • 2014 Federal Parliament
  • 2014 European Union Parliament
  • 2018 Provincial Councils
  • 2018 Municipal Councils
  • 2018 City District Councils
  • 2019 Regional Parliaments
  • 2019 Federal Parliament
  • 2019 European Union Parliament