Belgian elections 2012 - 2014

Belgium elections 2012-2014

Belgium has doubtlessly one of the most technology-driven election bodies in the world. It pioneered electronic voting in the '90s, and ever since, it has always stayed ahead of the curve in adopting election technology.

In 2008, the Federal Public Service Interior began looking for a new partner to custom-build a new voting system to recommend for use in the autonomous communes of the three regions of Belgium (Flanders, Brussels-Capital and Wallonia). After a two-year evaluation process involving several technical analyses by authorities, universities, the PricewaterhouseCoopers independent agency, plus a field test lead by the Federal Interior, Smartmatic was selected in 2012 as the voting technology provider for the next 15 years.

Since then, Smartmatic has participated in local and parliamentary elections, with great success.

The 2014 European Parliamentary elections marked the first time ever Europeans used a fully-verifiable automated voting system to elect members of the European Parliament. Smartmatic expedited the voting experience of those communes who hired our services.

So far, Smartmatic has been instrumental in the following Belgian elections:

  • 2012 Local Provincial elections
  • 2012 Local Municipal elections
  • 2014 Regional parliament
  • 2014 Federal parliament
  • 2014 European Union parliament