Argentina 2019: Most accurate, fast and transparent provisional tally in Argentina’s history: Technology

A tailored technology for Argentina

In Argentina, we deployed three modules of our Election Management Platform (EMP). The combined work of this custom-made solution allowed authorities to publish nearly 70% of results only three hours after polls closed.

SmartTally Desktop

This module, designed specifically to assist in manual election processes, allowed Argentine officials to easily digitize the count reports (“telegrams”) and transmit them securely from more than 10,000 voting centers to the central results processing center.

SmarTally Web

Some 1,700 workers in charge of digitizing telegrams used this module to consolidate more than 100,000 tally documents for fast, accurate results.

Election Night Reporting

This module securely enabled authorities to consolidate and publish timely results. Candidates, voters and political parties were able to review results online from any device.