Argentina 2017: Secure Voter Authentication Solution - Technology

VIU-500. This is our all-in-one handheld device to facilitate ID management and polling station operation.

Thanks to its biometric capturing capabilities, this unit allowed Argentinean poll workers to validate the identity of voters -before they voted- by comparing their fingerprints with the ones stored in the system.

Because it stores a wealth of information on the overall election process, the VIU-500 also contributed managing polling places.

Identity Management System (IDMS). Our IDMS was used as a Central System to store and manage the biographic and biometric information of all registered voters.

This system, which was synchronized with Argentina’s National ID database, was used to perform quality control and integrity checks.

IDMS facilitated the conversion of all the data into a format that could be used by the VIU-500 device in polling centres to authenticate voters with maximum accuracy and speed.

The system also generated customized reports providing information about the turnout on Election Day, as well as other polling and status reports.

This central system processed the logs of all the VIU-500 deployed in the field. Once the information gathered was converted into a readable format, it allowed authorities to audit the process.