The Philippines 2013: the largest automated election ever taken - Technology

Our technology enabled this country to capture, count and transmit the votes of over 50 million people, spread out over several thousand islands. It also helped create a more transparent election process that reduced fraud and violence – and increased investment ratings.



This application helped manage all logistic and operational processes in the preparation and conduction of the election. Election-360 facilitated communications between operators and field personnel – and offered a detailed, real-time vision of all the events taking place during election day. Read more about Election-360

Real-time Electoral Information System (REIS)

REIS provided the client with a safe tallying, monitoring and awarding system, to receive data in a decentralised and hierarchical scheme. In the Philippines, deployment spanned 1,700 different locations.



This optical scanner unit registered and tallied the votes marked in election ballots. It allowed the Philippines midterm elections to be completely auditable, accurate and secure – since it encrypted votes with 256-bit symmetric algorithms. It could also function with limited power availability and was capable of transmitting across a variety of networks, providing the flexibility needed to operate in remote island locations.

Data centres

These provided our client, COMELEC, all political parties, the press and observers with a fail-safe, efficient, and secure way of monitoring the platform and getting help desk services in real-time.

Online results web system

There was great interest in the elections and its results from ordinary people. To enhance the transparency and auditability of the election process, we published official results on the Internet, as they came in.

Transmission platform

Our transmission platform helped securing reliable telecommunication services to transmit election data. It achieved this by integrating resources of the main telecommunications companies in the Philippines.