Mexico 2009 - 2011: Biometric Registration to Improve the country’s civil registry - Stages

Stage one: Design

During the planning phase, we analysed all the SEGOB’s requirements so that we could completely fulfil their expectations. Our previous biometric experience proved invaluable here as we were able to address common issues before we’d even begun.

Stage two: Getting ready

Once the equipment arrived in the production warehouse, we could begin configuration and training, before finally completing delivery of all the kits.

Stage three: Distribution

After configuring and testing the registration kits, we transferred them from our own warehouse to that belonging to the SEGOG, as well as to the registration locations.

Stage four: Training

It was vital people were properly trained to handle the equipment and deal with every eventuality. We conducted several training sessions throughout the process, for operators and support technicians alike.

Stage five: Support

While the registration process was under way, Smartmatic continuously monitored the kits and ensured all their components functioned correctly.