Brazil's municipal elections, 2012: Services

Project one – Data and voice communications support for isolated states

Smartmatic’s first contract with Brazil’s TSE included:

  • Configuring 1,320 BGAN Sabre satellite terminals with data and voice communications
  • Distributing and deploying the satellite terminals in the capitals of 16 Brazilian states (see image above)
  • Training the appointed TSE trainers
  • Providing complete and up-to-date documentation on how to install and operate the equipment
  • Setting up a call centre to provide technical support via a 24-hour freephone number
  • Maintaining the equipment to ensure it worked properly
  • Collecting the units back when the election had finished

Project two – Operator and technician recruitment and training

Our second contract was to provide technical support and maintain the batteries belonging to the voting machines.

It sounds simple enough yet, in a country the size of Brazil, this involved hiring and training 14,000 technicians across 27 Brazilian states.

That included a staggering 5,568 municipalities, 480,000 polling stations and over 500,000 pieces of election equipment.

Technician training included how to:

  • Keeping the internal and back up batteries of the voting machines charged;
  • Testing of all electronic components of the voting machines;
  • Cleaning, removing seals, functional testing, screening for corrective maintenance and preparation for storage of the machines;
  • Data entry, preparation, installation, and software upgrading, along with others tasks.

Our ESF Consortium (Smartmatic Brasil Ltda, Smartmatic International Corporation, Engetec and Fixti) was also responsible for transmitting and receiving media reports on the voting system.

We also recruited 27 regional managers (one for each state and one specifically for the capital), human resource managers and technical coordinators.