Why choose Smartmatic?


No other company has processed as many votes – 2.5 billion – in as many elections – over 3,500.

Don’t trust something as complex and important as your elections to a company with less experience.

Our integrated solution guarantees success

We don’t just make voting machines. We’ve also developed software and services that ensure every election we manage works. This includes training all personnel.

Emphasis on auditability

All our technology and services are designed around the idea that all political parties audit the electoral process at every stage. Our system turns every voter into an auditor, creating their own paper voting receipt to verify their choice has been recorded and to match up to the electronic count.

100% automation

Only Smartmatic can automate the entire process from registration to results. This means that only our elections are completely free from human intervention. The more you automate, the more benefits you’ll see.

Recognised by independent observers

Nobel Prize-winner and ex US President, Jimmy Carter, whose Carter Center has observed over 96 elections around the world, concluded that Smartmatic’s auditable solution offered “the best election process in the world” – a sentiment echoed by European Union observers. The election commissions we’ve worked with share the honour of having our work’s verified and certified by these and dozens of other independent organisations.