Venezuela’s 2015 parliamentary elections: Services

For this election, Smartmatic provided the following services:

  • Automation of the voting, counting, transmission and final tabulation (The Tabulation System performs in a fully automatic fashion, so on Election Day no special intervention is required from Smartmatic's technicians, which are present nonetheless in case of any contingency)
  • Selection, hiring and training of field personnel. Included are voting machine operators, support technicians, information station operators, emergency transmission centre operators, tabulation technicians, special operators, and National Support Centre operators, National Support Centre staff, Regional Support Centres, regional coordinators and personnel for the pre- and post-event audits
  • Preparation and distribution of some 47,000 voting machines, training their operators, informing the electorate, carrying out engineering tests and the election proper
  • Operation of the National Support Centre
  • Setup and priming of the National Support Centre and the Rapid Response Centres
  • Delivery of supplies for the voting machines and other equipment
  • Printing of 40,601 ballot templates
  • Installation of transmission antennas
  • Printing guides, manuals and protocols for field personnel
  • Controlling and tracking operation indicators
  • Providing crucial Project Management services