Venezuela 2005 Parliamentary Elections

The legislative elections held in Venezuela on December 4th 2005 saw the deployment and successful operation of Smartmatic’s automated voting system. This electoral event was a complex one due to the number of candidates and offices to be elected; however, the process was quick, fluid and problem-free.

For these elections, 3,555 candidates ran for 184 parliament seats throughout the country: 167 National Assembly deputies (97 chosen nominally, i.e. by their first and last names; 65 enrolled in party lists; 3 indigenous representatives and 2 representing the excess over the average population per electoral circumscription), 12 deputies of the Latin American Parliament and 5 deputies of the Andean Parliament.

14,469,027 Venezuelans were cleared to exercise their right to vote and chose their legislative representatives in 9,235 polling centres, which were automated and distributed all over the nation.