Venezuela’s 2004 regional election

E-voting in Venezuela 2004 elections with Smartmatic

The 31 October elections were an important challenge both for Venezuela and for Smartmatic, supplier of its automated voting technology.

That’s because they were one of the most complex events in the democratic history of the country. In just one day, 609 representatives were chosen from over 7,753 candidates: 337 mayors, 23 governors, 229 representatives to the legislature, 13 metropolitan council members and seven district council members.

In the pressured political climate (the recall election had taken place just two months before), the technological platform was subject to rigorous auditing and evaluation processes before and after the elections.

It comprised 23,595 SAES-3000 voting machines in 5,340 automated voting centers throughout the country, along with 54,000 electronic ballots.

Not to mention as well the technical equipment, the human resources, counting, transmission and tally process needed for an election.

Smartmatic’s election technology made voting and counting easier

During these regional elections, Smartmatic’s voting technology proved to have two particular strong points. First, despite the complexity of the elections, it was able to automatically tallying the results in a fast, safe and reliable way.

Secondly, it was able to cope with the changes in alliances that took place between the parties just a few days before the election.

Some of the posts that had to be voted for (Deputies to the legislative Council, Representatives of the Metropolitan and District Council) were elected through a system called Personalized Proportional Representation (winners are appointed through a very complex quotient method). In this case adjudication is significantly more complicated. Thus, automating the tally process, was without a doubt, an advantage both to the electoral power and the citizens who were able to choose their candidates in an easier way.