Venezuela’s 2005 municipal election

Electronic voting from Smartmatic in Venezuela's 2005 elections

Smartmatic provided the electoral commission (CNE) and the country with an electronic voting platform to help Venezuelans vote in the county’s municipal and parish elections.

Balloting in the states of Cojedes and Nueva Esparta was 100% automated, using both touchscreen voting machines and electronic ballots.

Our voting system offered several benefits. Not only did it offer complete confidentiality and secrecy of the vote, it also meant quick and easy vote casting and counting. Perhaps most importantly, the Voter-Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) allowed each voter to verify their choice – and all parties to audit the system later. 

Our electronic system also helped make these complex elections simple, helping deal with a high number of candidates and alliance changes, as well as electronic ballots for every municipality.

Introducing the SAES-3300

Voters in these elections cast their ballots with 2,407 of the latest model voting machine, the SAES-3300, along with 23,264 SAES-3000s, installed in some 6,500 automated voting centers.

According to reports from the electoral authorities, 99.2% of these worked perfectly during the election.

The new SAES-3300 machine offered several new, improved features, including  a larger, 10.1” screen —designed for multiple-choice voting processes—and extra space on the top of the screen for additional information.

Nationally, the following offices were on the ballot:
No.       Officers elected
1           Governor (Amazonas state)
2           Majors (Miranda municipality in Carabobo state, and Achaguas municipality in Apure state)
1,341    nominal Councilors
1,015    list Councilors
43         indigenous Councilors
2,101    members of the Parish Assemblies (nominal)
1,118    members of the Parish Assemblies (list)