Venezuela’s 2012 regional elections: Scope

This election was 100% automated. That is, all polling stations offered biometric devices to authenticate voters, e-ballots so voters could view candidates, and voting machines so they could vote for them.

Practically prefect

And if the election was 100% automated, it was nearly 100% perfect too. In fact, 99.95% of the voting machines in the 12,784 poll centers performed flawlessly. That means only 18 machines failed out of a total of 36,220. We always supply back up machines in case of emergency but most polling locations feature more than one voting machine so voters can just use those. The voting process is so quick that the system can deal with large numbers of voters, without large lines building up. At 9:00 am, the CNE reported that more than 97% of the poll centers were open.

Uncontested results

Because of the multiple layers of security, the accuracy and the auditability of Smartmatic's voting solution, Sunday's election results were accepted and approved by all political parties involved in the election.

Zero discrepancies

In the closing audit conducted at the end of Election Day, more than 52% of the ballot boxes where the physical votes are stored were opened and these ballots were compared to the vote summaries printed and transmitted by the voting machine. This audit reconfirmed the accuracy of the results stored in the voting machine and transmitted to the tally center.

Four quick facts

  • 36,220 voting machines (models SAES-3300, SAES-4000, SAES-4200 and SAES-4300) installed in 12,784 polling centers.
  • There were 17,421,946 active voters, according to the Electoral Registry.
  • The Venezuelan states with the highest numbers of voters, and therefore also with the most numerous polling centers and stations, were: Zulia, with 1,215 centers and 4,669 polling stations; Miranda, 1,040 centers and 3,936 polling stations; Lara, 990 centers and 2,550 polling stations.
  • Electors registered in the Capital District didn't vote this time, as there is neither Governor nor a regional legislative council for it.