Venezuela’s 2006 presidential election

Facts about Smartmatic e-voting technology during the Venezuelan presidential elections 2006

On 3 December, 2006, Smartmatic again brought its technological know-how and expertise to one of Venezuela's key electoral events – its Presidential Election. This was the fifth time we deployed our voting technology in the country.

The system provided a wholly electronic balloting system and let voters verify their choices with voter-verified paper trail—allowed Venezuela’s electoral commission (CNE) to hold a safe, reliable, and easily auditable election. 

With some 11 million votes cast (and reconfirmed through numerous audits) all of those who participated in the election agreed on the results just minutes after the first official bulletin was aired.

Despite a highly polarized electorate and a politically tense atmosphere nationwide, Smartmatic once again proved the efficiency of its automated voting system, under the strictest monitoring standards. 

It was a ringing endorsement of our ability to deliver effective, reliable, and trustworthy technological solutions that contribute to the stability, harmony, and long-term benefit of the whole country.