Bulgaria 2014-present: Helping Bulgaria Modernize its Elections

Since 2014, Smartmatic has provided election technology and services to help Bulgaria take decisive steps toward modernizing its elections.

After using electronic voting in four non-binding election pilot programs, the Balkan country of 7-plus million people took a big step forward in May 2019: It offered electronic voting in a binding vote for seats in the European Parliament. Bulgarian elections are supervised by an independent Central Election Commission that includes members from all major political parties.

The panel is taking a measured approach to electronic voting to make sure they get it right. During the European Parliament and General Parliament elections held in 2014, citizens from 19 cities experienced their first exposure to electronic voting.

With positive results in hand, the government approved additional pilots in 2015 and 2016 that included 84 cities.For the 2019 election, the commission offered both electronic voting and traditional manual voting and the country’s 3,000 polling stations.

The vote, by all measures, was a success. Audits of Smartmatic’s system showed the electronic results were 100 percent accurate.