Technology 2014 elections: Bulgaria

Hardware - SAES-3377

Voters used our SAES-3377 voting machine in both pilots. These 17” touchscreen voting machines make voting as easy as it can be.

To help voters with disabilities vote conveniently and independently, we coupled the voting machines with our ABLE-D peripheral devices. An audio-voting option was enabled to provide voters with spoken instructions.

Because security is key to any election technology, the SAES-3377 features several security layers, including 256-bit encryption and redundancy, as well as a built-in printer to produce a voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT). 

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Software - Electoral Management System (EMS)

EMS is our solution to defining and managing the entire election process, simply and accurately. It is comprised of some 15 modules that allow electoral commissions to coordinate all administrative tasks of an election, such as managing staff, observers, candidates and voters; configuring voting machines; aggregating and publishing partial or final results; making result projections.

In Bulgaria, EMS helped us configure the voting machines, count, tally and consolidate results, and prepare reports on the progress of the election.