Bulgaria Elections 2014-2019: Technology

Hardware - A4-517 Electronic Voting Machine

The Premium Voting Machine, like every other Smartmatic voting machine, uses multi-layered security measures, including tamper-proof data collection, end-to-end encryption and fully auditable logs. Its end-to-end encryption technology prevents intrusion and hacking. The machines also generate auditable paper trails to guarantee the accuracy of the digital ballot. It features a 17-inch touchscreen, which makes it accessible to many people with disabilities. It also has a smartcard reader and simple-cut printer.

Software - Elections Management Platform

EMP is our solution to define and manage the entire election process. It is comprised into several modules that allow electoral commissions to coordinate administrative tasks of an election. In Bulgaria, EMP helped configure the voting machines, count, tally and consolidate results, and prepare reports on the progress of the election.