Bulgaria Elections 2014-2019: Services

At Smartmatic we understand that good technology is not enough to guarantee a well-run election. Good processes and services are also essential, so we provided the following services:

  • Project management for the entire election processes
  • Hiring and training all field support operators, helpdesk operators, polling station operators ("train the trainer" concept) and warehouse operators
  • Set up and managing warehousing and helpdesks
  • Set up and priming of voting equipment and applications
  • Set up of a vote counting center
  • International transport and reverse logistics
  • National & local transport / dispatching from warehouse to polling stations and reverse logistics
  • Transmission of results to IS/CEC via USB flash drives
  • Technical support services, on-site and via call center/helpdesk

Smartmatic has relied on local partners like IT firm Ciela to successfully carry out the elections.