Venezuela’s 2013 municipal elections: Scope

  • 39,427 voting machines, plus 7,431 replacement machines, distributed throughout 13,651 polling centres
  • 39,427 polling stations throughout 13,651 polling centres, 1,262 of which were in rural zones and inhospitable/hard to reach locations
  • The electoral registry was comprised of 19,066,431 voters, 18,851,307 of whom were Venezuelan and 215,124 were foreigners who had resided in the country for over ten years and were registered to vote
  • 77,986 system operators performed jobs such as system configuration and priming, tech support and tallying
  • 48,340 pieces of electoral equipment, including the voting machines and their replacements and laptops
  • The states with the largest number of polling centres and stations were: Zulia, with 1,215 centres and 4,680 stations; Miranda, 1,039 centres and 3,936 stations; and Lara, with 990 centres and 2,546 stations