Venezuela’s 2013 municipal elections: Technology


Electoral Operation System (EOS) is an application designed for the follow-up and management of all logistic and operational processes involved in both the preparation and conduction of the election.

This system facilitates communications between operators and field personnel, and offers a detailed, real-time vision of all the events taking place during Election Day.

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Electoral Management System (EMS) is an application used to generate all the instruments necessary for an election, from the enrolment of candidates to voter registration and ballot art design.

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Real-time Electoral Information System (REIS) takes care of tasks related to electoral results, such as consolidation and broadcasting.

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4000 series (SAES-4000, SAES-4200 and SAES-4300) voting machines

These machines feature touch screens and an easy-to-use interface that are able to capture voter intent perfectly and securely record transmit that choice behind 256-bit encryption.

They feature built-in printers to print receipts and vote tallies, making them 100% auditable. They also have a special module designed for people with disabilities so they can exercise their right to vote.

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Our tool to biometrically authenticate voters, eliminate voter impersonation and guarantee the “one voter=one vote principle”

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VP-1500 e-ballot

Our e-ballot, or electronic voting pad, made it easy for voters to mark their preferences, while guaranteeing total exactness in the capture of their votes.

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