Venezuela’s 2013 municipal elections: Services

We didn’t just deploy the world’s most advanced and successful voting hardware and software. We also provided the following services to ensure a flawless election:

  • Providing crucial project management services, perfected over 3,500 elections
  • Selection, hiring and training of field personnel: Including voting machine operators, support technicians, information station operators, emergency transmission centre operators, tallying technicians, special operators, and National Support Centre operators, National Support Centre (CNS) staff, Regional Support Centres (CAR), regional coordinators and personnel for the pre- and post-event audits
  • Operating the National Support Centre, which was in charge of tech support for all the various components involved in the process, guaranteeing the project’s fluid, proper execution
  • Operating the Quick Response Centres, in charge of logistical support in every region of the country. These centres verified the deployment and recovery of voting equipment, as well as their status; all field operators were monitored and reports were kept over the assistance provided; the process’ advance was tracked by means of the EOS system, and emergency plans were activated whenever necessary
  • Preparing and distributing some 47,000 voting machines, training their operators, informing the electorate, carrying out engineering tests and the election proper
  • Executing an engineering test
  • Installing Contingency Transmission Centres
  • Delivering supplies for the voting machines and other necessary supplies/equipment
  • Providing and distributing batteries as backup energy sources
  • Printing guides, manuals and protocols for the field personnel
  • Controlling and tracking operation indicators