Curaçao’s 2007 insular council election

Electronic voting with Smartmatic at Curacao 2007

Curaçao is the biggest and most populated island of the Dutch Antilles. And on 20 April, 2007, its people used Smartmatic’s electronic voting solution, supported by a voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT), to elect members to the Insular Council of Curacao.

159 SAES-3000 machines distributed across the island in 106 voting centers enabled over 74,000 people to exercise their right to vote.

We designed our technology platform to be auditable, fast and easy to use, not to mention completely reliable. It meant that the country joined the ranks of those offering its citizens what is probably the most advanced voting system in the world.

Lizane Richards-Dindial, Curaçao’s Governor, noted some important benefits of Smartmatic’s technology and services saying, “Because Smartmatic’s voting technology is secure, auditable and voter-verified, Curacao’s citizens were able to have the safest and reliable election possible, and we are pleased to report all participants have accepted the validity of the results.”

In this election, 74,342 voters choose from 278 candidates in 11 different parties to sit on 21 seats in the Insular Council.