Zambia’s voter register, 2010: Stages

a) Design: Planning stage where all the requirements are analyzed in order to completely fulfill the Electoral Commission of Zambia’s (ECZ) expectations. For this stage, Smartmatic’s experience in similar projects was a key factor, since many common issues could be addressed prior to actual execution.

b) Getting ready: Once all the equipment was received in the production warehouse, the configuration process begun so the training and deliveries could be completed.

c) Distribution: After configuring and testing the Registration Kits, these were transported from the production warehouse to the ECZ’s warehouse and the rest of final delivery places previously set in the plan.

d) Training: During the project there were several scheduled training sessions for the personnel, both for operators and support technicians.

e) Support: While the registration process was under way, Smartmatic monitored and ensured the correct functioning of the kits and all of their components.