Armenia: Biometrics improve the speed and accuracy of voter authentication

Biometric solutions enabled poll officers to quickly and accurately verify voters’ identities

On April 2, 2017, Armenia held its parliamentary elections. The country’s poll body, Central Armenian Election Commission (CEC), tapped Smartmatic to provide voter authentication equipment and services.

After thoroughly studying the requirements of the project, Smartmatic decided to use its VIU-815, a rugged and portable Voter Authentication Device (VAD). These devices enabled poll officers across the country to accurately verify the identity of the voters, and determine if they had already voted.

In addition, the VIU-815 allowed poll workers to inform voters where their corresponding voting center was, facilitating the administration of the overall process.

The solution Smartmatic provided was lauded by the International Election Observation Mission (IEOM) as a “useful tool for building confidence in the integrity of Election Day proceedings”.


All-in-one biometric device

The VIU-815 comes from our best-selling VIU-800 series. This all-in-one device facilitates three key processes of the election:

  • Voter registration. Ensures a robust, accurate and reliable voterdata base.
  • Voter authentication. Guarantees voter eligibility and enfranchisement on election day.
  • Results transmission. Enables accurate tallying at constituency, regional and national levels.

In addition to the VIU-815, Smartmatic provided uninterruptible power supply, wireless routers, servers, scanners, PC monitors, LAN cables, among other pieces of equipment and supplies.


The scope also included the following services:

  • Training of Master Trainers, who in turn prepared a total of 6,000 operators.
  • Knowledge transfer to the personnel conducting the election.
  • Configuration of all the equipment.
  • Installation of a Help Desk.
  • Installation of a Technical Center in Yerevan, Armenia’s capital, until the warranty period ended.