VSAP Los Angeles voting machine

Los Angeles County—Voting Solutions for All People

Los Angeles County cited Smartmatic’s unparalleled experience throughout the world as the primary reason for choosing Smartmatic as the VSAP partner

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Venezuela’s 2005 municipal election

Smartmatic provided an electronic voting platform to help Venezuelans vote in the county’s municipal and parish elections.

Venezuelan elections, 2004-2013

Venezuela's elections, 2004-2015

Encompassing voter authentication, vote casting and results publication

Smartmatic's Electronic Voting System

Venezuela’s 2004 regional election

The 31 October elections were an important challenge both for Venezuela and for Smartmatic, supplier of its automated voting technology.

Smartmatic electronic voting system

Venezuela’s 2004 recall referendum

August 15, 2004 was a watershed in the history of Venezuela – a day that would change the course of the country and capture the world’s attention.